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Outsourcing services in Russia

Comprehensive services and support
for foreign companies

  • Registration, Contracting, Arbitration
  • Accounting, Banking, FEA, Taxation
  • HR Administration, Payroll
  • Logistics and SC accounting, WHM
  • Managerial accounting, P&F, BPM, PM
  • Trade accounting, Pricing
We work for you across Russia
We promote and accelerate your business
We guarantee full compliance with actual legislation
We relieve the tax burden and drive down costs
We ensure for your business every day

We do for you

Offer a broad and balanced set of business services that ensure you quality results, maximum synergy and price advantage.

Undertake routine (not simple, but requiring the type of professionalism that is precious for businesses and rare for the labor market), time-consuming and complex tasks. You will be able to concentrate on the most lucrative, interesting, promising, and favorite!

Offer the best integration of our knowledge, abilities, experience and best practices.

Implement business services adapted to you at balanced and personalized tariffs.

Flexibility tailor our services without compromising the integrity and integration of business processes and technology solutions.

Keep pace with the time and build our cooperation with you on the best combination of business models, processes and information technologies that automate them and, which is most valuable, develop them.

  • doing business in a competitive environment and the crisis
  • professional tasks in a predictable time and with high quality
  • guaranteed observation of the specific requirements
  • using a wide experience and expertise in the management of the various functions of management
  • independent and objective evaluation of the existing orders
  • transfer of the experience of other companies (with a strict observation of confidentiality and trade secrets)
  • our high and constant responsibility.
  • flexible and reasonable pricing

Our business integration means providing you with the interrelated, complementary, harmoniously matched and professional services from one partner with a strong synergistic effect through the combination in a single system of the following:

  • Legal norms
  • Goals and objectives of your business
  • Our business processes
  • Our operating activities
  • Knowledge and skills of our professionals
  • Our information technology

You place an order, and we provide a set of services from an extensive portfolio. From us you get the final, ready product with the desired result – all thanks to our efforts.

Acceleration occurs through the accounting of costs, expenses and losses - their analysis, calculation, reporting, recommendations for corrective action, control:

  • Material and financial resources (overproduction, inventory, etc.)
  • Overcoming the lack of quality (errors, defects, warranty, etc.)
  • Inefficient operations (extra, delay, downtime, etc.)
  • Efforts of personnel
  • Time

Examples of losses:

  • Reduction in revenues and profits
  • Reduction of the customer base
  • Restriction of assortment/offer
  • Defects and low quality in general
  • Irrevocable payables
  • Fines and penalties (imposed by the state and banks)
  • Low productivity

Business accounting

Business accounting offered by our company is an effective, personalized and optimal set of business services. We are contacted most often because of the shortage of expertise and specialized professionals on the client side, and more rarely because of purely economic reasons.

Other advantages for you:

Free consultation

Our expert will tell you
how to improve your business!
business concept
From reliable hands
of only one contractor

First class service to provide a wide range of accounting types and related services on the calculation, analysis, monitoring and reporting on the basis of a comprehensive and integrated system of processes, procedures, practices, technologies, and, of course, experience and knowledge of experts.

Portfolio contains 11 sets of topical and popular services that allow your business to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes. At the same time, our key feature is the orientation to the customer. Therefore, we guarantee a response to your requests, maximum attention, quick but thorough analysis and feedback. Once we see that we can provide an additional personal service for you, we will do it with pleasure, and thus expand our portfolio.

Our main intention is to achieve the best result for you. We have developed and are implementing our portfolio of services in such a way that each following group, type of work, separate calculation, control element, report detail, etc. are connected with each other to the maximum, and take as much as possible from the already provided services and work. Thereby synergy is achieved and maximized! It is a highly relevant criterion of modern business.

Providing professional staff for you is one of the main reasons to involve our company in particular functions, when it is strategically or operationally, administratively, economically, procedurally, etc. not beneficial for you to have such experts in your company.

We have clearly and consistently pursued our high standards of creation and quality control at all stages of service provision, from the initial contact with the Customer to a long-term cooperation. In particular, we achieve consistent quality due to the presence of our own methodology and process development.

We strongly form the right mentality for technologies when they are perceived, mastered and used in a pragmatic and clear manner for business objectives of our clients. At the same time, we intensify the open-mindedness and thirst for new knowledge, encourage the efforts to explore and courage to attempt. The result is a set of reliable, high-performance, cost-effective, flexible, integrated and intuitive tools that we use in the work for you.

To close the entire spectrum of operations required by you. To avoid making the outsourcing model a new headache. We assure you that this will not work with a few companies. We are your reliable partner, able to offer a full range of services required.

Joined together
With a common
With a particular

External - you as a customer, we as a contractor; internal - for the formation of our product portfolio on the market - types of accounting and other services with mutual complementation

Successful business! The most specific goal is profit, as business must be profitable. Both you and we are businessmen. And we emphasize that we consider profit not only in terms of money (which, of course, is a common understanding), but also in the form of reputation, experience, satisfaction, confidence, new features, etc.

Energy and daily efforts of all members of our team; we are a team of like-minded professionals; we are also committed to uniting partnership with each our customer

Of our knowledge, experience and personal qualities for your satisfaction with our work. Among the main qualities are responsibility, hard work, speed, activity, honesty, communication skills

of opportunities and aspirations of our business and personal fulfillment of our employees, vision of goals and desire to achieve them, detailed planning, operational targets, and readiness to act

All the elements of our basic concept of integrated support and set of business models constitute a single, integrated, balanced, well-adjusted and well-functioning system to your advantage

Operate in full compliance with the legislation of Russia to the benefit of the country. In our business model, we aim to expand the geography of business through sales representatives, but our hub, the anchor region is Moscow

Long-term mutual
of changes
Optimization and
elimination of defects
New functionality
and width of
Life cycle

It is about continuous improvement, concern for the development of high efficiency, growth, quality, finding and implementation of opportunities, courage, openness, innovation, commitment and movement forward

It is about the compactness and flexibility, standards, procedures, best practices, know-how. We can introduce and reinforce it all in your business

We basically do not provide consulting services according to the model “Came - Earned – Gone”, which we consider as something disposable and limited. We work for you for a long time, accurately and carefully building up a reputation

proactive and responsible attitude to the interests of customers, frequent interaction for the realization of great opportunities, active feedback, not formalized, but progressive and productive work

We can offer you services at all stages of your business: start, development, mergers/acquisitions, growth, restructuring (including liquidation, optimization of legal persons). We emphasize that we are willing to be with you in difficult times. You can always count on us

We and you know that there is nothing more permanent than change. Stagnation and “iron curtain” is no longer possible in our world. Stability, if any (although unlikely in the near future), is not characterized by the absence of changes

Business needs to keep moving, acquire and modify, but never stand still. Generally, we believe that business can have only two motion path: up and down. Accordingly, if you’re not growing, then you go down. It is even worse if you go down with acceleration. Then you fall. With our services this will not happen

Order the business accounting complex


Our services: Management accounting

Throughout the world, accounting and tax accounting are not considered “accounting”, but kinds of reports prepared on the basis of only one type of accounting – management accounting.

According to foreign accountants, management reporting to takes 90% of time and resources, and the traditional financial reporting only the remaining 10%.


We will provide you as our customer with a possibility to achieve the following objectives of budgeting:

  • depiction of business planning and predicting company activities in the structure of budgets as a means of structuring and distribution of financing as the strategic and operational activity

  • achieving target indicators through planning, execution, control and analysis (reporting) of company budgets

  • making effective management decisions based on the actual reporting on budget implementation

Analysis and Cost Management

Analysis and cost management are a part of our management accounting services, which are intended to support your business in the context of its objectives and operational control of their performance. Providing you with these services, we stick to the rule that the costs should be not counted, but reduced.

Through these services, we will solve the following business objectives for you on a regular basis:

  • valuation of stocks and profit through cost calculation

  • planning company activities and adoption of operational decisions

  • control and regulation of activity

Decision making

Effective solutions are the key to the existence of a commercial enterprise. Actually, this is a choice of a particular course of action from all possible alternatives. Our services are designed to facilitate your decision-making process, providing it with the information pertaining to each solution (quantitative and qualitative) in the form, in which it can be used easily.

Our services are equally popular and effective both for making strategic, long-term solutions, and current, operational activities to ensure the activity in the optimal mode.

Project management

For project management purposes, we use our own developments aimed at practical implementation and successful achievement of the desired results.

    Worldwide statistics on success of projects

  • only 2.5% of business projects are fully successful: goals are achieved at the required parameters
  • up to 75% of new business initiatives simply disappear, never becoming a project
  • the average success of business projects on implementation of changes does not exceed 35%
  • IT projects are fully or partially successful in 65% of all cases

    Why are projects important

  • rapid changes in customer expectations
  • economic and financial uncertainty
  • significant lack of skilled resources
  • short product life cycle
  • narrow time frame for product launch
  • high technological complexity of production and sales

Our services: Trade accounting

We implement services on trade accounting for businesses of any kind of trade, including wholesale, retail, and commission trade.
As part of the trading accounting, we offer services in the calculation, monitoring and reporting on:

  • plans and receipt of funds from buyers, as well as suppliers costs
  • pricing and processing of price lists
  • need for the goods of any range and investment, including the ADR approach
  • revenues, displacement and sale of goods and shelf stock in warehouses and sales outlets
  • all costs in the context of a specific department or a particular transaction
  • the actual cost of the goods
  • profitability: individual sales outlet or commodity item, the whole company, transaction, gross profit, net profit.

Pricing and processing of price lists

These services are very rare and even unique in the market. Modern pricing is difficult to implement, therefore, our high professional level as a business integrator (processes, people, technology) is in demand. At the same time, we are not forming your prices - you own this area of your business.

We take care of the daily operations that are critical to the volume, timeliness and accuracy of your pricing and processing of price lists.


Our services: Logistics and inventory control

Why is inventory control so important?
The time spent on in-house production takes 2% -5% of the general business time of the company, and the time spent on logistics takes more than 85%. To increase the availability of the supply system in the range of 70-80%, the cost of maintaining the safety stock should be increased by 5% for each percentage point, and in the range of 90-99% – by 13%.

Our services enable you to realize the best criterion for constructing an optimal option of logistics systems – minimum of total costs throughout the supply chain.

As part of the logistics and warehouse inventory, we offer two sets of services

  • Calculation, analysis and consideration of a wide range of logistics costs
  • Logistics reporting

Planning and Forecasting

    We focus these services on sales, inventories, distribution and replenishment, and they allow you to:

  • develop a strategy with a clear expectation of future results
  • plan the commercial activity for the desired period from one month to several years
  • greatly simplify and accelerate the process of forecasting, while improving its quality
  • reduce the trade deficit and excessive stocks
  • increase the level of customer service
  • save time and money through a more efficient management decision processes

Our services: Accounting and tax records

Keeping accounting and tax records is not a right, but a duty of companies, established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Violation of the legislation regarding keeping accounting records is punishable by significant penalties. As your provider of such services, we will completely protect you from penalties and fines.

Our support of your accounting means acting as the chief accountant
by the professionals of our company.

We provide insurance activities individually for the customer. The amount of insurance coverage is approved jointly and applied individually. This is a particular advantage of our company.

IAS accounting

IAS is not so much reporting as a high-quality system of management accounting. We highly recommend you to implement, develop, and use it to obtain significant new benefits. Services on accounting under IAS complement our management accounting unit.

You do not need to have an IAS expert on your staff. You do not need to invite audit firms, enter into contractual relations with them, and overpay them for the brand many times. We will make this time-consuming and complicated IAS process inconspicuous, stable, efficient and cost-effective.

IMEX accounting

Business that involves foreign economic activity is the highest level of professionalism and the most profitable type of business activity. However, IMEX is a delicate matter. The main thing here is experience and practice.

Our services in keeping IMEX accounting and tax records will ensure:

  • control all operations and their correct reflection in income tax returns
  • correctness of import operations in the bank
  • clear and transparent IMEX accounting
  • reporting on areas of risk associated with foreign trade activities
  • full order in all financial documents
  • strict adherence to deadlines: all reports, statements and invoices are issued on time

Accounting and tax reporting

Types of reporting
For companies operating in foreign markets
  • consolidation is preparation of reporting for a group of legal entities under the international standards (IAS/IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)
  • transformation (rerun) of reporting is preparation of reports, generated under international standards (IAS/IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)

Settlements with counteragents

Work with counteragents permeates the activity of all commercial companies. Therefore, it is important that settlements are made correctly and in a timely manner.

We guarantee you this.
Tasks that we perform for you include
  • ensuring the timely and correct movement of your money
  • monitoring the use of funds for other purposes
  • control over the safety of cash and securities
  • timely and accurate settlement with buyers and customers
  • monitoring observation of payment terms stipulated in contracts with counteragents
  • timely reconciliation of accounts with debtors and creditors
  • control of advance payments

Accounting expertise

Evaluation of accounting records, which is carried out on the basis of express data.

This service is necessary and sufficient for the evaluation of accounting and tax records, taking into account all relevant aspects.

Organization / Restoration of accounting. Flow of documents

Professional organization of accounting by us allows you to provide a valid and reliable accounting within your company, which eventually will:

  • reduce your time to process and document operations
  • simplify your control over:
  • keeping proper accounting records
  • filling out registers
  • preparing reporting
  • provide your stakeholders with objective and reliable information on financial and economic activity of the company
  • reduce the costs of your company

Our services: HR Records and Payroll

Accounting and payroll is combined with paperwork “at the same time”. This is actually a very important and time-consuming process, the correct organization of which normalizes the activity of the company.

Your advantages from involving our company in these areas of accounting:

  • a new look at the current state of affairs. Regardless of the skill and professionalism of the staff, sooner or later a fresh and new look will be necessary, which can see better the real things
  • there is a large amount of legal information, from which it is necessary to identify and analyze the required information. This process is very time consuming, as it requires a great deal of time
  • a quick solution of problems and provision of reporting information is required
  • it is expensive to keep highly professional and, therefore, expensive specialists. In practice, their potential in the daily ongoing work of the company may not be in demand

Our professional services on HR records and payroll include documentation of employment and contractual activities of your employees.

Our procedures

During payroll we make:

  • calculation and accrual of wages, bonuses, material assistance
  • calculation of remuneration under civil contracts
  • calculation of temporary disability benefits
  • calculation of leave pay
  • calculation of compensation for unused vacation in case of termination of employment and other compensations
  • calculation of academic, educational leaves

At the end of the tax period we prepare reporting on:

  • declarations for physical persons on 3-PIT
  • reporting on 2-PIT (Personal Income Tax)
  • calculation of accrued and paid contributions to the Social Insurance Fund (SIF)
  • sets of forms for delivery of personalized reports
  • report on the average number of employees

Based on the results of accruals we

  • determine the amount of taxes and contributions to non-budgetary funds
  • prepare payment documents on the transfer of taxes and contributions
  • prepare payment orders for transfer of payments to employees
  • make entries in the accounting software on accruals and payments

We reflect the results of accruals in the formation of

  • pay lists
  • payroll sheets
  • pay sheets

Calculation – on a monthly basis

  • salary
  • advance payment as the agreed calculation algorithm
  • remuneration under civil contracts concluded between the Customer and physical persons
  • other payments provided by the system of remuneration applied by the Customer
  • payment of temporary disability sheets
  • holiday pay
  • maternity leave
  • compensation for the unused leave in case of termination of employment
  • severance pay and other compensations for dismissal permitted by the applicable law
  • other benefits paid at the expense of the SIF
  • other income paid in cash or in kind by the Customer to individuals who are not registered as Entrepreneurs included in the taxable income of individuals in accordance with part 2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (i.e. the obligation to calculate and withhold income tax from such individuals is relied by the current legislation on the Customer as a source of income payments)
  • tax on income received in cash or in kind by physical persons from the Customer
  • premiums for each type of compulsory social insurance, established by federal laws on specific types of compulsory social insurance.
  • other taxes and fees associated with payments to individuals, established by the Federal legislation, and the legislation of subjects of the Federation.

Preparation of documents – on a monthly basis

  • payment documents for the payment of income as well as the transfer of taxes and fees:
  • premiums for each type of compulsory social insurance, established by the federal law
  • tax on personal income
  • contribution to employment quotas
  • bank documents to transfer wages to employees of the Customer
  • bank documents for transfer of funds under writs of execution
  • settlement statements of the enterprise on the core activities of the Customer
  • summary report on taxes
  • individual payslips for employees of the Customer
  • report to the statistical authorities, form P-4

On federal legislation

  • completion of mandatory forms of accounting for taxes and contributions
  • completion of mandatory forms of accounting and reporting on regional levies payroll
  • completion of mandatory forms of accounting and reporting on the number of employees in the regions of the Russian Federation
  • settlement statements and declarations on insurance payments for each type of compulsory social insurance
  • preparation of tax returns in the prescribed electronic format
  • reference on income of individuals under the PIT form for full-time employees
  • "Personal information" to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for full-time employees
  • delivery of the required reporting forms by electronic channels at the customer's address
  • communication with the relevant officials on issues related to these forms

Upon request of the Customer

  • creation of additional charges, deductions, documents and reports using Contractor's Software, which are necessary as a result of changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation, after the initial setup stage.
  • making necessary changes to the format of accounting documents, as well as development of new forms of accounting and reporting in the event of changes in the acting legislation, and completion of such forms according to the changes in the current legislation.

On a monthly basis

  • calculations, including for the Optional Settlement Period, off-cycle payments, preliminary estimates (budget), and subsequent final settlement at the adjusted exchange rate. Off-cycle payment is a calculation of payments to employees for a period not specified in the contract
  • preparation of customized reports for the Customer
  • preparation upon a written request of the Customer of various inquiries or requests directly related to the Contractor services
  • preparation of Т-60 report
  • preparation of Т-61 report
  • preparation of a report on the calculation of average earnings
  • introduction of new employees or new data into the system in a specified electronic format
  • introduction into the system of new employees or new data from primary documents

On an annual basis

  • Tax Register on the calculation of personal income tax
  • record card for insurance contributions

On federal legislation

  • preparation of references on earnings of individuals under the 2 PIT form for part-time employees
  • preparation of individual information to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for part-time employees

Upon request of the Customer - on a monthly basis

  • compilation of expense reports
  • entering in the information base of the expense report, provided by the Customer
  • preparation of documents for hospitality expenses
  • calculation of per diem expenses
  • preparation of orders on the norms of fuel, oil and lubricants
  • preparation of orders for business trips
  • preparation of waybills
  • preparation of reference on the inclusion in income
  • control of the completeness and correctness of documents on a business trip
  • cost accounting under corporate cards
  • processing of expense reports from the viewpoint of taxation

Upon request of the Customer - on a one time basis

  • preparation of the LPA policy for a non-resident employee
  • obtaining a certificate of pension insurance for a non-resident employee
  • processing and input of the Initial data of the newly accepted full-time employees of the Customer and new employees of the Customer to fulfill the obligations under civil contracts
  • personal registration of the Customer’s employees at the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, exchange of insurance certificates
  • introduction of additional charges, deductions, documents and reports into the Contractor’s Software after adjustment of the calculation
  • full recalculation of all employees of the Customer or individual workers of the Customer
  • preparation of references on the income of individuals under the 2-PIT form for tax period at the request of the Customer
  • reconciliation check with tax, government, and insurance agencies

About us

  • FEDOTOV Andrey
  • Founder

    General Manager
  • +7 (916) 0512231
  • Andrey.Fedotov@bl.com.ru
  • I speak English

«My professional career was very rich and interesting. I was especially impressed with my experience with some global corporations - leaders in their industries, with tens of thousands of employees and tens of billions of dollars of turnover. I have seen them “from inside” in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. And everywhere, and, in fact, always they were unable to deal with lots of things recognized as very important and necessary. This was the main idea to create my own company and offer our customers these important and necessary things in the form of services in integrated business accounting»

My education

  • MBA
    (State University of Management)
  • Diploma in Business Accounting
    (Stonebridge Association of Colleges))
  • Diploma in Finance and Investments
    (Stonebridge Association of Colleges)
  • Diploma in Operations Management
    (International Institute of Management)
  • Certificates in Six Sigma Black Belt and LEAN
    (Aveta business institute)
  • Certificate in Management
    (Business School of the Open University, UK)
  • Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics
    (with honors)
  • Svetlana Salnikova
  • Founder
  • Director for accounting,
    tax and personnel records

«For me, working for Business Logic is the opportunity and willingness to share the accumulated experience and practical knowledge with our customers. This desire does not come with age, but is associated with the years, during which you dedicated yourself to some business. There are many information services and companies that promote them, but all depends on how you use them. Our product is not advice to do things in this or that way. This is a practical solution to the problems faced by any organization. In each work, even most simple at first glance, there are secrets. Under our professional guidance and mentoring, you will make the right moves and surmount the way to the level you hankered for.»

Expert board

ZHUKOV Yevgenii Alexejevich

Expert in Logistics and Transport Economics
Yevgenii Alexejevich

Doctor of Economics, Professor. Chairman of the International Club of honorary professors of the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS. Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Russian Academy of Transport and the International Academy of professionals. Expert of the Presidential Group for assessment of socio-economic development of Russia until 2020 year. Expert of the Federal Analytical Service of the Government of the Russian Federation. Head of the Central Office of the Ministry of Transport Construction. Deputy Chief Editor of scientific journal "Modernization. Innovation. Development". Director of the Russian Research and Education Center for Complex Transport Problems.

POHVOSCHEV Vladimir Alexandrovich

Expert in Public Administration, Economics, Labour and Statistics
Vladimir Alexandrovich

Doctor of Economics, Professor. Vice-Rector of the Russian State Academy of Labor and Employment. Chief inspector of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the third convocation. Head of the Department "Management" of the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS. Honored Scientist of Russia. Member of the Scientific - Editing Council of the publishing house "Science". Member of the Public Council of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Moscow Region. Member of the Economic Society of Moscow region.

SOKOLOV Anatolii Pavlovich

Expert in human resource management
Anatolii Pavlovich

Deputy Director General for Personnel Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Production Center of Automatics and Instrument Academician NA Pilyugina" of the Federal Space Agency. Head of the Educational department of Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation. Honored with Diploma in All-Russian Competition of professional engineers in the Production in 2013. Expert in enterprise personnel management, effective personnel policies, strategic forecasting and planning of operational skills, training and development, qualifications, HR administration.

KUZNETSOV Valentin Alexandrovich

Expert in foreign economic activity, construction, energy and corporate governance
Valentin Alexandrovich

General Director of "Hydro Energy Constrcution". Member of the International Academy of Investments and Economics in Construction. Chairman of the Foreign Economic Association "Technological and Industrial Export". Professor emeritus Russian Academy of Foreign Trade. Member of the governmental commission on economic and scientific-technical cooperation with foreign countries, including Iraq, Iran, India, Libya, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Finland, Greece. Rated with 47 place in the Top Russian managers in Energy in 2005.


Expert in supply chain management (SCM), logistics, warehouse management (WHM) and planning/forecasting
Antony (UK)

In Russia since 1996 and has held the position of Director of Logistics and expert / consultant at leading companies: Bass Brewers, DHL, Oriflame, Pepsi, Adidas, Hlebprom, Chumak, Prologics, Megafon, Mercury group, Unilever, Hortex, Oriola. As part of its expert owns the business models in various industries wholesale and retail trade with a wide range of goods, including food, clothing, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more. He has specialized in the field of agriculture and farmers in particular forms of agricultural activities as well as project management and training of managerial level. He has a Master's degree in British university of logistics, inventory control, transportation management and business planning.

FARISH Robert (UK)

Expert in analysis and consulting in the areas of corporate and medium-sized businesses, macroeconomics and information systems
Robert (UK)

In Russia since 1995. Vice-president of international research, analytical and consulting group IDC, Regional Director for Russia and CIS. Responsible for all research and consulting projects of the group in Russia and the CIS. He is a recognized expert in vertical markets, key information and technology industry solutions and IT services. Head of Russia Data Services – an independent research group - prior to joining IDC. He holds a Bachelor's degree at Birmingham University.

BORSHCHEV Alexander Andreyevich

Expert in law, labor law and arbitration
Alexander Andreyevich

Wide legal practice for more than 30 years. The State Judge, Referee and interdepartmental senior Attorney specializing in commercial, economic and labor relations. Practical lawyer with large private commercial practice. Senior positions in the Corporate Law department in the Federal Ministry of chemical and aviation industries. Degree in Law at the Moscow State Law Academy.

Arnaud de LAJARTE (France)

Expert in sales management, consumer and retail marketing, strategic and operational marketing management, brand management, and international business development.
Arnaud (France)

Experience in the markets of Russia, CIS, France. UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Algeria, Nigeria, Eastern Europe. Specialization in the field of food and beverages, including dairy products, brewing and wine-making. Provided for SNS Group (Russia) the development of start-up businesses drinks in the US, the UK and the CIS countries, brought to market three key brand: E-on, Tornado and FreshBe, launched sales in Cash & Carry, Tesco and BP petrol stations, established sales in more than 1,000 points. Managed Carlsberg Group CIS with revenue growth of 8%, market share growth in Kazakhstan by 3.7% and in Ukraine by 3.2%, achieved the target exports of 1 million hectoliters, despite the "shade" of the market due to the ban on beer advertising. Being the head of the Scottish & Newcastle Group in Eastern Europe, provided a sales growth above 50% per year, 3 years in a row. In 2001-2002, he developed a beer brand "Baltika" (in Russia), established launch recommendation, positioning and marketing mix. Prior to that, he worked in the Danone Group for 17 years. He has an MBA from the New York City University.

MÜLLER Hansjörg (Germany)

Expert in Sales, Supply Chain Management and the Control of Subsidiaries, in different intercultural environments.
Hansjörg (Germany)

Expert in Sales, Supply Chain Management and the Control of Subsidiaries, in different intercultural environments. Optimization of logistic processes along the entire value-added chain: aligning processes starting from purchase up to production in order to satisfy the customer’s benefit in the market. Master of Economics.

ISCRA e-commerce Inc.(Canada)

Business partner fully authorized for Canada, USA, Kazakhstan and other countries. www.iscra.biz
ISCRA e-commerce Inc.

ISCRA e-commerce Inc. (Montreal, Canada) is business partner of Business-Logic LLC (Moscow, Russia) which is fully authorized to represent business of Business-Logic LLC in Canada, USA, Kazakhstan and other countries outside of Russia. | ISCRA E-COMMERCE INC. | www.iscra.biz | TEL. CANADA 1-514-667-5317; TEL. USA 1-802-318-4663; TOLL FREE 1-844-597-8697


To offer our clients a professional, comprehensive and effective integrated services through the implementation of professional knowledge, experience and expertise, as well as the potential of the active life position. Work for our clients, conducting our business with an impeccable reputation and full responsibility


Implementation of a comprehensive accounting for a successful, stable and fast operation of your business across a wide range of professional services and high quality service


To ensure the success and prosperity of our customers through the intelligent and high-quality services for the integrated business support.


  • customer-oriented
  • success-oriented
  • achieve
    high quality
  • looking forward
  • professionals
    and leaders

  • open and active
    in communication

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